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COVID-19: New Zealand is now in Level 1.  This means we will be holding our Course 3 as normal starting 30 July.  Contact us to register your interest today. 


The Speechcraft Club is a fully chartered Toastmasters Club which is dedicated to running continual Speechcraft courses. The club is ideal for people wanting a fast-start introduction to and training in communication, leadership and public speaking skills.

Speechcraft is a public speaking development and confidence course presented within a Toastmasters club environment. The club is an affiliate of Toastmasters International, the world's largest organisation devoted to success through communication and leadership development.

In addition to the standard Speechcraft course, developed by Toastmasters International, and presented by Toastmasters clubs around New Zealand and the world. The Speechcraft Club structures its courses to offer graduates of the Speechcraft course further "Post Graduate" opportunities in public speaking, leadership and confidence development.

Details of the Speechcraft course and Post Graduate speech & leadership opportunities are outlined below.

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Introductory Course 

Speechcraft helps you to speak more effectively at work and at home. On the job, you will be able to communicate more productively with your employer, associates, subordinates, and customers. And your conversation at home with the family will be more fun and rewarding. You will be more successful in your community activities, too.

Speechcraft can also help you improve your performance in:

  • Problem-solving
  • Meeting in larger groups
  • Motivating people
  • Interviewing for jobs
  • Selling ideas or products
  • Conducting business meetings

During the 8-week course, you will cover the following topics:

  • Impromptu Speaking
  • Taking the Terror out of Talk
  • Introducing a Speaker
  • Preparation & Practice
  • Speech Structure & Organisation
  • Beginning & Concluding Your Speech
  • Evaluation Skills
  • Body Language
  • Vocal Variety
  • Knowing Your Audience

Upon completion of the course, we encourage you to maximise the six-month Toastmasters membership you obtained with the course, by either transferring to whichever Toastmasters club in or around Auckland suits you best in terms of geography, day of the week or time of the day, or returning to the Speechcraft Club, taking advantage of the Post Graduate speech & leadership opportunities within the club.

2020 Course Dates

The course runs for eight consecutive weeks on Thursday nights 6.40-9.20pm. Located at the University of Auckland School of Education in Epsom.

  • Course 1: 13th February - 2nd April 2020 
  • Course 2: 7th May - 25th June 2020 (Will not be held due to COVID-19 restrictions)
  • Course 3: 30th July - 17th September 2020 (Register your interest today)
  • Course 4: 15th October - 3rd December 2020 

Please email to register your interest in future courses. 

For more information on Speechcraft courses, click here. This link lists Speechcraft courses being offered by Toastmasters clubs throughout Auckland and New Zealand, with our courses usually listed under "Auckland: The Speechcraft Club" (note due to a Toastmaster webpage error pending an update we are not currently listed).

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Post Graduate speech & leadership opportunities 

Upon the completion of the Speechcraft course, you will be credited for the completion of four of the ten speeches in the Toastmasters introductory manual.

To have the opportunity to complete the introductory manual, and thereby achieve Toastmasters' first communication award, the Competent Communicator Award, The Speechcraft Club encourages graduates of the Speechcraft course to return to subsequent courses. Specific time will be set aside during most sessions for Post Graduate speeches.

On any course you can expect to complete at least two more speeches from the manual. On this basis it should only take three additional courses to complete your Competent Communicator Award. In other words, you could have your Competent Communicator Award in a year!

In addition, this Post Graduate time enables graduates to extend their leadership skills training, as per the Leadership programme developed by Toastmasters.

And you don't even have to have been on one of our Speechcraft courses to participate as a Post Graduate! Post Graduate attendance is suitable for any Toastmaster who has completed at least 3-4 speeches from the introductory Competent Communicator manual, and is looking for a structured opportunity to complete the manual.

The sessions will also occasionally feature educationals which focus on the speeches you are about to give, as well as the four general purposes of a speech :

  • Working with Words
  • Visual Aids
  • Speaking to Persuade
  • The Entertaining Speech
  • The Inspirational Speech
  • Delivering an Informative Educational
    (Adult Learning approach)

Ultimately you will have the opportunity to complete the introductory manual and finish as a certified Competent Communicator!

After that, you can still continue to work through Toastmasters' Advanced Communication and Leadership manuals, and help run the Speechcraft courses.

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Opportunity for Experienced TMs & non-TM Trainers 

As well as focussing on providing a fast-start introduction to Toastmasters and developing public speaking and leadership skills, the Club is also ideal for experienced Toastmasters or non-Toastmasters, who either have passion for educating, or are looking for opportunities to expand their training skills.

As an experienced Toastmaster within the Speechcraft Club, there are several benefits:

  • Co-ordinate an entire course... hone your planning and organisational skills, plus achieve a key requirement of the Advanced Communicator Gold award
  • Present Successful Club educationals required for your Advanced Leader Bronze
  • Present Better Speaker/Successful Club educationals required for your Advanced Communicator Silver
  • Gain experience to run a Speechcraft in your own club, or at a later time at the Speechcraft Club
  • Improve your leadership skills, to take with you into workplace and beyond.

As a new Toastmaster, looking to develop your training skills, we will put on the next Introductory course we are running so you know what it's all about. And then you'll be contributing and developing your training your skills from the next course after that.

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Where to Find Us 

We meet on Thursdays from 6:40 pm to 9:30 pm
at the:    Kohia Teachers Centre 
              Education Faculty
              University of Auckland
              Gate 2, 76 Epsom Ave, Epsom


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Contact Us 

For further information, contact:

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Check out our Facebook page here.

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Last updated: 16 June 2020